Thursday, November 29, 2012


Fluff! spent the day at

LAURA KATHRYN CLOTHIERS  in Mt. Brook to help them Fluff! for the Holidays.

The mannequins  are changed out twice a week to show great ideas for Holiday dressing.
The presents are wrapped in the holiday wrap in keeping with that signature look
of the front of the store.

We used the star in the alcove to echo the star being placed
on the tree in the window and worked the wooden tones in with white branched
displays already owned by the store.

The stockings were also available from the owner.
Our goal is to use what you have in creative ways to provide a fun,
theme oriented way to reach your clients.

Existing mannequins were draped in moss with 
feathers and adorned with bling.

To bring the theme together I whipped out some 
angel paintings for the dressing rooms.

We would love to help you create some buzz at your store!

Give us a call. The consultation is always free!

When you drop in, TELL THEM WE SENT YOU!

Monday, November 26, 2012

29 Days Until Christmas

The turkey has been stuffed.

The tail-lights of all of the family have headed down the drive.

You can check off another Thanksgiving~

Hopefully the china has been put away, the table is clear.

It is Monday and you are all alone.

Are you enjoying your morning coffee and looking around at a peaceful home?

Just twenty nine days from now we get to do it all again~

So you think, "Is the tree up? Are the decorations done? Do I even have lights from last year? Weren't they perhaps thrown out with the tree?"

If that is your thought process, or if you are off to the office and not even sure when you will GET to thinking about such things....


Fluff! Designers will come to your home or office and give you a time estimate for helping with your holiday lights, tree, wreaths, table, and can even put together gifts for neighbors, teachers and friends.

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for some fun design ideas we have gathered in various places. A few from the woods as well as some from the Grand Hotel in Pt. Clear.

If you don't think you can do it alone, feel free to call us and we will be happy to help
make yours....a
Merry Christmas!

So YOU will have more time for things that really matter....
like memories such as THESE!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Idea for your Table

As the weekend rolls around enjoy bringing the outside into your home with the beautiful leaves, grasses and ornamental twigs with flowers still clinging to them.

Candles, textured pieces of bark, varying colors of grasses, the pumpkins that have survived through our unusually cold weeks since Halloween, and pinecones can make great accents at your table.

Most of all, find time to enjoy friends and family.

If we can help you get ready for Christmas next week, don't hesitate to call!

A Bit About the people behind FLUFF!


 that is all about the


Lisa Marie McGillberry has had a company called “Choose Healthy Be Healthy” where she creates a healthy, custom designed menu and pantry stocking service for those wanting gluten free and healthy choices for their families. Lisa Marie has directed movies, acted and has a great eye for detail. 

While the new year approaches and HEALTH IS ON EVERYONES MIND, she will be available to
Fluff! your PANTRY! (meal planning)
Susan Wilkinson, married to Daniel, owner of Father Nature Landscapes , brings design experience for exterior and interior design (she has done design for some country music award winners she is too shy to mention and has a natural style). She was in broadcasting and will be our liaison for radio and television as well as design. Susan is Lisa Marie’s sister.

Fluff! your LANDSCAPE! (exterior and live greenery)

I was an interior design major at Bama and designed banks and medical facilities here in Birmingham for eight years back when my eighteen year old was a little peep. I qualified as one of less than 250 registered and licensed interior designers in the state of Alabama.  I have been missing that part of my life and looking forward to offering residential Fluff! as well as services to Fluff! and refresh tired commercial businesses. As an artist and photographer I can supply original works (some in the UAB collection) as well as represent other artists across the Southeast.

Our December focus is
Fluff! your Festivities (parties and holiday design)

We will all be involved in the transformation process of our projects and each brings unique perspective, creativity and talent in our various areas.

We will come in and Fluff! your home to make it ready for the holidays (by the hour) so you get the tree or we can. We can use your existing items in a new twist or add to what you have to make your home express who you are.

Friday, November 16, 2012



Every year we drift down memory lane as we unbox and unravel paper wrapped ornaments.
Many are collected from travels, some are collections, some gifts received, some are old cards threaded with wire to remind us of our past years together, that we proudly display on the tree.

This year, if you are wanting to savor those yesterdays of Christmas but wish to discover a new way
to display your unique personality, let us come help you do something DIFFERENT!

Change is good, tradition is better.  Meld them together to make something that speaks to YOU this year.

Here are some theme ideas we love and can help you implement.

Go with YOUR personality.  If you aren't sure, let us help you pull it off!

It all starts with the TREE!

Whatever tree you choose!  Make it an event to remember!

Merry Christmas from Fluff! Designers

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fluff! Designers Birmingham


Call for information about our              

holiday specials ~

We can use your decorations,

embellish your style with new ideas,

and shop for items to make your

home or office into a



Services include:

Tree decoration~

(can provide tree and use your decorations or provide a new look)

Lighting~ inside or out

(can provide or use yours)

Wreaths, garlands, ribbon

 Table decor and theme design~

 Exterior decoration~

 Party planning and design ~

for office or home.

Prices per hour

Additional fees may apply

for lighting and tree ~

Purchased items on a cost plus structure

YOU provide the budget, we work within your goals.


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ideas to make your holidays special~

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